We believe that your interior space should be a continuation of your branding identity. 

KAVANA Interiors is an Interior Consultant & Contractor Firm located in Jakarta, specializing in office and commercial projects. We strive to create solutions through thoughtful design and professional service, making sure that you get the satisfaction you deserve. Being entrusted by both local and international firms, we maintain our credibility to keep our quality to the standard.

At KAVANA Interiors, we believe that any business deserves a stand-out, physical interior space that portrays their brand & personality. We love to create a strong branding to your space that will speak on their own whenever someone enters the space. We are thrilled for any challenge, no matter how big or small, that is thrown in our way.







We want to understand your needs and budget, turning it into the foundation of our initial concept design. In this phase, we are able to survey the location and study your branding identity, and then create the initial concept design that we think will work for your project.




material selection

We will propose the material samples and finishes that we think is perfect for your project and request for your approval. Ensuring that you are satisfied with them before we step into the next phase. 





Construction on site

Finally, this is where the on-site work begins. We will make sure everything is built the way you want them. Get ready to see your dream space comes to reality. 




Once the first phase is approved, we will create artist impressions or 3D renders, to enable you to see high quality images of how your space is going to look like. In here you can see all the materials, finishes, lighting effects, and so on, to make sure that the design is according to what you really want. 





After everything is finalized, we will start the construction drawing. Construction drawing is very crucial to make sure the outcome is according to the initial design. It is important not only to have great design, but to also have detailed construction drawings. 





This phase is optional. Some furniture are better custom-made, while some are better found in stores. We will gladly assist you in selecting the perfect furniture, lighting accessories, and decoration to complete the look of your space.